About Me

About Me


I am an electrician and lighting designer

I have been working with lights since my sophomore year of high school and haven't found anything yet that I'm more passionate about. I thoroughly enjoy working with the technology; from information systems to power systems, I never get tired of making light work.

I grew up...

In the city of Aurora, Colorado. I was raised on Metallica and Surge (yes, the fully loaded citrus soda with carbs). I spent most of my childhood tinkering with technology and making noise. In high school I was in a mariachi band. I love welding, food, and I am also an ordained minister. My family is fairly diverse, having ties to southern California, as well as the deep south. These unique circumstances have molded me into a person with broad tastes and a strange outlook on the world.

What's with the nickname?

My nickname has a fairly simple story, though it sometimes changes depending on my mood. When I was born my father decided that I was a pretty big kid, and kinda looked like a moose. So from then on I was forever known as Moose.